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seven more days

I started keeping track with 19 weeks to go. We were hired via Skype whilst in Shanghai on our return from Christmas in Australia; 31 December 2010, we left New Year’s Day 2011 for NYC. When we heard those last … Continue reading

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Popularity of the new tofu again? homepage

OK it has been only a few days since creating my new webpage tofu again? the lost book of Tofu… The Apocrypha version revealed and I have two hits (one was me to see all the hits and the … Continue reading

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tofu homepage

Created a tofu homepage to accompany my misguided e-book desire to share not only tofu recipes but a whole lot more. Like why was I making tofu in a foreign meat-eating country to begin with. So yes there are stories, … Continue reading

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like all moves, it was not easy, until it was over, then it seemed easy… by comparison. It was the lead up to moving that was the long process ~ a mere six months. A lot longer than eleven years … Continue reading

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tofu e-book cover

Having been a tofu manufacturer for eight years in South Australia gave me some wisdom, crisis, regrets, insanity, good products, sense of success, sense of failure, and now more than twenty years after making my last batch of tofu commercially … Continue reading

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